Erasmus Policy Statement

1.Due to the fact that Karamanoglu Mehmetbey University is a new-founded university, we as institution mostly organize
Erasmus Mobilities with the students who study in 1st cycle. In addition to this, Master and PHD students can also apply
the Erasmus Student Mobilities.
2. Beside the student s, the other important target group for Erasmus mobilities is the Erasmus Staff Mobilities. In the
Erasmus Staff Mobilities the academic and administirative staffs are considered together and they are selected in balance
to apply the mobilities.
3. While selecting the students and the academic staffs the institution possibly regards the different departments, different
titles and different stages to do a fair, balanced, transparent and worthy distribution for Erasmus Teaching \Training Staff
Mobility. Their language abilities are also considered for an efficacious mobility.
4. In Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey University the Bilateral Agreements are done in two steps. First the departmental
coordinators find the partners relevant with their departments or erasmus institutional coordinatorship finds the partner and
second the agreements are signed by the legal representatives to be ready to announce. While doing interinstitutional
agreements , the educational quality, the development level of the partner institutions’ countries, matchable courses and
lessons, the institutions’ willingness in partnership are took into account by our Institution


Because of being reconstructed university, throught 2012-2013 academic year Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey University mostly
focuses on the Erasmus Mobility Programme. It is being planned to focus on the other Life Long Programmes for incoming
years and all the required sub-structure studies are being maintained for this plan.


Karamanoglu mehmetbey University keeps a special care for internationalization. The Institution cares international
cooperations with different countries and cultures -formost European Countries- in academic,social and cultural fields.
These kind of socio-cultural and academic cooperations will have significant gainings in local, regional and global
dimension both for the University and academic community. These cooperations will also have an effective function for
communities to know each others and have influential collaborations to create and increase hospitality.
Beside these,economical potential of Karaman, the 15th great Industry city of Turkey, enforces Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey
University to have so many international agreements in differrent fields first in food and animal husbandry.