Information About University

Accomodation Services


Karaman has a wide range of accommodation for  the students coming from outside  the city. One of housing option is the student pensions, dorms and aparts around the city. The monthly rent price is between 300 TL(140 euro)- 400 TL(180 Euro). These pensions,dorms and aparts are furnished and probably everything is included in the price (internet, electricity, laundry etc.) Renting a house is the other alternative that students can choose for  the accommodation. The cost of renting a house around the university is between about 400 TL(180 Euro)-600 YTL(260 Euro).



Transportation Services

There are several ways to get to Karaman and the following choices for arrival to Karaman are the easiest and the most comfortable ways. One of them is to fly to İstanbul and to Konya and then take a bus or train  to Karaman. The other choise is to fly to Ankara and then take a train from Ankara to Karaman.

The terminals located at the entrance of our city connect to all other cities of our country. There are private public buses available to arrive anywhere at the city centrum.Transportation in Karaman is easy and accesible because there are always Public buses from the terminal districts and certain points in the city and it is cheaper for the students.


Cultural and Sports Activities


Social activities of our university are carried out in cooperation by clubs established by academic units, the Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports Department and the students. The aim of cultural activities is to make good use of our students’ free time; to help them acquire useful habits, to give them a chance to exhibit and present their works, to encourage them have the habits of resting and having fun; to help them in following scientific, artistic and technological developments and participation in these activities, and contributing to their development in terms of culture. Furthermore, many conferences, seminars, panels and other activities are held in education period with the participation of guests who have a national and international reputation. Theatre, music, folk dance, exhibitions, colloquies are held at Spring Festivals in May every year. The students have an opportunity to express themselves with the activities held. The festival has a richer atmosphere with the participation of professional artists and groups as well.